Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Is Fair: Not To Me!

Everyday people wonder if life is fair. I disagree with that. I have had many things taken away from me. I had my childhood robbed from me and that is something that I have been carrying inside for a while. I never got to go on field trips. I never got to go to Disney, Universal Studios or any of those fun places as a child. And I never got to do any school activities with my friends. I failed to gain my mom's side of the family's love. The one girl that I still love till this day still doesn't notice me or won't have the same feelings for me. My attempt at love always ends badly. So is life fair? No! As a matter of fact life is evil and has so much bullshit in it! What I gave with all my heart in life I'm gonna forcefully take back and stop giving. But it's ok cause from now on I'm gonna live life my way with no regrets and I have every right in the world to be happy just like the next guy. Even if people don't like it or agree with the way I'm living my life. After all it's my life, my rules! And at the end I know that I will have the happiness that I've always wanted.

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