Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Live A Monster Or Die A Good Man

My whole life I've felt like there's two parts of me inside one body. One good and one bad. The good me is always been what you consider a nice guy and always trusting. The bad part of me is the part where it's vengeful and deceiving and hateful. When I think of the two I think which one would I rather be? The good side has so many flaws. The good side will always endure pain, suffering. Painful love life. While the bad side wants to make everyone's life a living hell. Doesn't even care about consequences. And there's times where the two compete for what I should do in a situation. When I go with the good side I always end up hurt and depressed. When I go with the bad side I always end up feeling better. I feel like I can do anything and not worry about consequences. I ask myself what would be best? To live a monster? Or die a good man?

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