Monday, June 13, 2011

Raining Tears

Almost every day I shed tears. Tears that would seem like raindrops. Every day it could've been as if I was making a flood. I cry for many things. But not as much as I do for her. When I think of her I will shed tears knowing that she's not mine. Even when I saw her face to face I would cry in my sleep in failure as she didn't feel the same way that I feel about her. An endless river that flows of my tears. Reminding me that she doesn't  respond to my pain. I love her more than everything in this whole world. I'd give my heart for her and even shed my own blood for her. But alas, she doesn't feel the same way. And even till this day I still shed tears. And as I cry a flood it will feel like blood dripping down. And on this day, I still hurt knowing that she won't be mine. So my tears will continue to build up into a flood only to be waiting to increase.  

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